Throat Chakra Blend

Throat Chakra Blend

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The Throat Chakra VISHUDDHA is the center of the human capacity for expression and communication. Communication includes our ability to listen, to take the time to truly hear others. The throat chakra also acts as a link between the lower physical chakras and the higher, more spiritual, chakras.

In harmony, the throat chakra provides the ability to express our feeling and thoughts with clarity and without fear. The ability to project our voice to others, in our truth. A balanced throat chakra enables us to pass on knowledge, inspire others with integrity, and also to express our inner feelings, from laughter to joy, to tears and sadness.

In disharmony, the energies of the throat chakra interfere with true communication. We may experience blocked feelings, unresolved emotion, and shyness. Not expressing your honest thoughts are believed to manifest as consistent throat infections, thyroid imbalance, and hoarse or very soft voice.


Throat  |  Blue

Blended in a base of Jojoba:

Chamomile, Roman | Chamaemelum nobile

Chamomile, German | Matricaria recutita

Eucalyptus | Eucalyptus radiata

Mugwort | Artemisia herba-alba

Sage | Salvia officinalis

Cypress | Cupressus sempervirens


Suggested Use

Apply over the throat.
Visualize the color blue.
Key words: Truth, Communication

Alternate method
Simply apply a drop or two of the desired blend on your wrist at the pulse point, or on palm of your hands. Rub your hands together and breathe in the aroma while visualizing the positive outcome.


Associated Gem Stones

  • Turquoise
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue Agate