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Reiki Chakra Blends Set

Chakra Balancing Reiki Blends

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The Story of AromaBlends

From the beginning (1984)

Curiosity of metaphysics, passion for energy healing and reiki, with a life-long study of Aromatherapy; The application of essential oils in our healing practices can be powerful, accessing deep healing for the mind, body and spirit.  


Founded in 1992, the Heal Center - Atlanta, is an education center for Aromatherapy, Reflexology training from beginning levels to the lasted advanced courses led by instructors both nationally and internationally. 


For years our students have been asking to provide them with the products we created for use during their training.  Whether students of Reiki, Reflexology, or massage therapists, our products are now coming available for all. We provide you the same quality we provide our students and clients, products we trust for our own families.