Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Blend

Sacral Chakra Blend

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The Sacral Chakra SVADHISTHANA relates to our physical health and general well-being, our movement and emotion. The sacral chakra resonates most from ages 7 - 14, as we develop physically and experience intense and new emotion.

In harmony, the Sacral Chakra presents a sense of deservedness, self-worth, and being receptive of others and towards yourself. The ability to follow a philosophy of moderation and balance in nourishing the body and enjoying the pleasures of life.

In disharmony, we may carry guilt, depriving ourselves the pleasure life has to offer. Addiction, indulgence, and misdirected energy, even a weak immune system is believed to be related to the imbalance of the sacral chakra.



Sacral   |  Orange

Blended in a base of Jojoba:

Sandalwood | Santalum album

Jasmine | Jasminum grandiflorum

Rose | Rosa Damascena

Ylang Ylang | Cananga odorata

Cardamom | Elettaria cardamomum

Clary Sage | Salvia sclarea


Suggested Use

Apply on the abdomen, just below your naval.

Visualize the color orange.

Key words: I create. Pleasure, Openness

Alternate method

Simply apply a drop or two of the desired blend on your wrist at the pulse point, or on palm of your hands. Rub your hands together and breathe in the aroma while visualizing the positive outcome.


Associated Gem Stones

  • Carnelian
  • Tigers Eye
  • Gold Calcite
  • Onyx